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Please join us at our next community meeting on June 16th, 2015 at the United Domestic Workers hall (formerly the Methodist church). Meeting begins at 6:30PM; social hour begins at 7:00PM. We look forward to seeing you!

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New RCC Board Elections Next Month!

The Rolando Community Council is winding up another exciting year and it is time to prepare for this year’s RCC board elections! Next year’s activities will continue to build on our community’s many successes and goals. The board looks forward to continuing to enhance life in Rolando by building on community events, initiatives and our web communications. New ideas are always welcome. A thriving neighborhood and a growing sense of community depend on new and seasoned neighbors stepping forward to volunteer their time and talents. Please consider what you can do to help Rolando flourish. We can say from experience that you will be rewarded with new friends, new experiences and the opportunity to have a significant impact on our community in Rolando. 

On Tuesday June 16th at 6:30pm the Rolando Community Council will be holding their annual elections. The positions that are open for the 2015-2017 term are: 1st Vice President, Treasurer, and Director. We will also be electing a President for a one-year term to complete the second year of that office. In order to stand for election and to vote in the election you must be a 2014-15 RCC member. You still have time to pay your membership dues for 2014-2015 if you have not done so already. Please pay no later than May 15th, 2015 to be eligible to vote.  Voting must be done in person at the June 16th RCC meeting.

Listed below are the responsibilities for each position:


The President shall preside at all meetings of the Council and Executive Board; shall be a member ex-officio of all committees, except the nominating committee; and, with the ratification of the Executive Board, shall appoint parliamentarian and the chairmen of the standing committees. The President shall be responsible for getting reports from officers and chairmen at the end of the year and making the annual report. The President may call a special meeting of the Executive Board at any time deemed necessary and shall call such a meeting upon written request of a quorum of the Executive Board.  

The Vice President shall preside at all meetings in the absence of the President, shall serve as program chairman, shall aid the President, and shall assume such other duties as assigned by the President or the Executive Board. The Vice President shall also serve as membership chairman, and shall make and keep available the membership count, coinciding with cash receipts of the Council, for the President as well as the Treasurer, prior to all meetings. 

The Treasurer shall keep such permanent books of account and records as shall be sufficient to establish the items of gross income, receipts and disbursements of the Council, including specifically the number of members and dues collected from the members. Shall receive all monies of the Council and shall keep an accurate record of receipts and disbursements; shall present a statement of account at every meeting of the Council and at other times when requested by the Executive Board. All checks will be signed by two (2) members of the Executive Board – President, Vice President, or Treasurer. Shall give receipts for all monies received and shall get receipts for all monies paid out. The books of account and records shall, at reasonable times, be open to inspection of the Council. 

The duties of the Director will be determined by the Executive Board each year. 

During the Community Council meeting on April 21st, the nominating committee was selected. This required five members--three on the committee and two alternates. Thank you all for helping to select this committee. During the May 19th meeting the council will introduce community members who have opted to run for election. Members may nominate themselves as well as other members of the community. No person will be placed on the ballot without his or her permission. The current members of the Board who will be serving through June 2016 are David Clarke (2nd Vice president), Rene Sheldon (Director), and Jordan Marks (Secretary).

If you are interested in running for a position on the board please return the election interest form by May 10th to Jackie Flohr, Board Director, at or mail to: Rolando Community Council, P.O. Box 151163, San Diego CA 92175 Attn: Elections.

Don't forget that this is our yearly ice cream social! It's Build Your Own Sundaes so make sure to attend, vote, and enjoy catching up with your neighbors. Thank you for helping make Rolando the hidden gem that it is!