The Rolando Community Council (RCC) is a grassroots neighborhood organization devoted to making life in Rolando better. We don’t like to think of ourselves as an organization – we are an open and inclusive group of neighbors who work together to enhance our shared community life. We are always eager for new faces, new energy, and new ideas. If you live in Rolando, RCC belongs to you.


In 1975 Rolando residents joined with their neighbors and organized the Rolando Community Council to foster an informed and safe neighborhood and promote community pride. Incorporated in 2004 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, neighbors working with the RCC have expanded activities to include social events, community improvement projects, and much-loved neighborhood traditions such as the well-known Rolando Street Fair. To read our bylaws, please go here. As an all-neighbor, all-volunteer organization your active participation is vital for a healthy RCC. We encourage all Rolandians to help shape community life in Rolando.


All RCC activities are free for neighbors to join and enjoy. Neighbors through the Community Events Team plan and accomplish many popular community events including the Rolando Summer Event and Rolando Holiday Party in December. We also carry on cherished neighborhood traditions including the annual Rolando Street Fair, the Rolando News newsletter, and once-a-month RCC Community Meetings. Moreover, neighbors with the RCC Community Improvements Team plan and support local service projects and help steward our neighborhood’s physical infrastructure as well. There is something for everyone in Rolando. Come and savor community living with us!


In addition to helping neighbors organize community activities, RCC also awards grants to other nonprofit organizations which benefit Rolando residents. Over the past decade, RCC has granted nearly $79,000 to local organizations to support College Area Boo! Parade, College-Rolando Library, Henry Clay Elementary School, Rolando Little League, Kroc Center Kids Scholarships (see our thank you!), JFS Senior Center, and San Diego Center for the Blind to name just a few.

The Doris Perry Community Service Award

Doris PerryDoris Perry was the heart and soul of the Rolando community for 45 years. She was the energy behind creating the Rolando Community Council (RCC), an incorporated non-profit organization. She and her husband E. T. worked tirelessly with neighbors and government representatives to transform a neighborhood into a community. Her long-going commitment and vision inspired others to join with her. She was a force in so many venues: staffing the community policing office, helping to accomplish the new College Rolando library, and instituting the community traditions of the RCC Used-Book Sale and the annual Rolando Street Fair. She successfully advocated for the location of the Kroc Center in our neighborhood and served on the Colina Recreation Council. Under her leadership RCC began a tradition of supporting other non-profit organizations which also support residents in our community.

Following her passing in September 2008, RCC established the Doris Perry Community Service Award to honor the memory of this very special woman and to recognize others who are following in her tradition of service.

Past recipients of the Doris Perry Community Service award are:

2008 – 2009  Jody Talbott
2009 – 2010  Fred Crone
2010 – 2011  Doug Lister
2011 – 2012  Calvin Harris
2012 – 2013  Betty Murasky
2013 – 2014  Jan Hintzman
2014 – 2015  Jan Gilmer

The recipient of the 2015 – 2016 Doris Perry Community Service Award for service to the Rolando community is Pascha Gerlinger. Congratulations Pascha!

Doris Perry Award 2016A publishing industry veteran, Pascha (second from left) moved with her husband to Rolando in 2002. She currently volunteers her time at the San Diego Center for the Blind and contributes her energies to improving and enjoying our wonderful neighborhood.

She is a member of the amazing Rolando Newsletter Team and is responsible for coordinating its delivery to over 1600 residences.

Announcement of the Doris Perry Community Service Award was one of the many highlights of the 2016 Rolando Street Fair. Again, congratulations Pascha and a hearfelt Rolando Community Council “Thank you!”