Parking Regulations

Parking Regulations

The San Diego City Council adopted a new Neighborhood Parking Protection Ordinance that restricts overnight parking of "oversized vehicles, non-motorized vehicles and recreational vehicles." This ordinance is authorized by Sections 86.0138 through 86.0143 of the San Diego Municipal Code. Oversized vehicles are defined as any vehicle, including any attached trailers, vehicles or loads thereon, that exceeds 22' in length AND 8' in height. Non-motorized vehicles include open and closed trailers with or without loads.

Recreational vehicles owners may obtain a permit allowing overnight parking. A permit is valid for one 24-hour period. Permit applicants - once confirmed by City staff - may obtain up to three consecutive days (72 hours total) at one time. Applicants may purchase up to 72 days of permits per year. The permit is only valid on the same block as the resident's address. Recreational vehicles are defined as "any camp trailer, camper, trailer coach, or house car," in the Vehicle Code, or, "any boat, dune buggy, all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or other motorized or towed vehicle designed, maintained or used primarily for recreational purposes." Individuals must offer proof of residency in advance of purchasing the permit.

Permitted vehicles:
* Camp Trailer
* Camper
* Trailer Coach
* House Car
* Boat
* Dune Buggy
* All-Terrain Vehicle
* Other motorized or towed vehicle designed, maintained, or used primarily for recreation purposes

Non-Permitted Vehicles:
* Any Trailer or Trailer Bus, as defined in Vehicle Code Sections 630 and 636
* Any vehicle, including any attached trailers, vehicles or loads thereon, that exceeds 22 feet in length and 8 feet in height

For further information about obtaining permits for over-sized vehicles, please visit the City's "Temporary Overnight Recreation-al Vehicle Permit" page at:
If you have any questions or concerns about the ordinance, please call the Parking Hotline at (866) 470-1308 and press '0' for customer service or email at
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