Keeping Rolando Peaceful and Friendly

Keeping Rolando Peaceful and Friendly

Rolando Community Council
September 2014

Reporting concerns is important. 

Rolando prides itself on being a peaceful and friendly community. Neighbors have traditionally worked together to maintain our quality of life. This paper is intended to offer avenues to keep Rolando a safe and pleasant place for everyone. Support is available from the police department, city code compliance, and our council office.

Party Issues - Gathering with friends is always fun but noise and loud music can be an issue. Contact the residents of the offending home or apartment first and ask them to turn down the music, etc. As soon as the party begins to be a problem, call a couple of close neighbors and have everyone call the SDPD non-emergency line at (619) 531-2000. (The dispatchers pay more attention to calls that have multiple sources). Do not feel that you have to give the residence a "one party" break or give them a pass because the person giving the party went around the neighborhood to tell residents they are having a party and to call them if it is a problem. It's important to establish a healthy pattern from the start, so CALL, CALL, CALL! Other avenues are code enforcement related to nuisance properties. City contact is (619) 236-5500. Community liaison officer: Terry Hoskins at

BLVD63 (6445 El Cajon Blvd.) is a new neighbor this year. They have indicated their intent to be a good neighbor. Their management has identified two points of contact to register concerns:

On-Site Community Manager
Denise Fizzuogli:  619-785-3776

Night Time Issues (8 pm to 4 am)
On-Site Security Guard:  619-881-7751(cell phone) He/she patrols the property and its perimeter. Residents are invited to call this cell number to report concerns between 8 pm and 4 am.

Spillover parking Issues
BLVD63 and the City have a legal agreement to cooperatively address parking issues with the community once BLVD63 is occupied. Discussions are ongoing to initiate that formal discussion. If you are having problems relative to parking, please describe issues to the individuals/departments noted on this sheet. Photographs can provide evidence. 

Balconies Clear Policy
BLVD63 has a policy of no personal property on balcony railings and indicates that they are enforcing it with a fine. Here again, photos are helpful.

City Council Contacts

Chris Pearson, Rolando Representative for Councilmember Marti Emerald

Councilmember Marti Emerald

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