Event: Clay School Raised Bed Rehab

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Date: Saturday, May 13, 2017

Time: 9:00am to 1:00pm

Location: Clay Elementary School

Address: 6503 Solita Drive
San Diego, CA

Phone: 92115

Description: Rolando Community Council, Community Improvement Team (CIT) will be assisting Clay Elementary School with revitalizing its raised beds it uses for its vegetable garden. Clay School is an essential part of our Rolando Community as many of our children attend school there. The garden provides the opportunity to teach children how to grow their own vegetables. This experience is far reaching. It helps them and their families develop good nutritional habits at home, build and lead teams, reason and troubleshoot, and be responsible for something, while having fun and learning. The work will include removing weeds, tilling the soil and adding compost/mulch. Please join us at any time. Any time you have helps the kids in the long run!


Meet in front of Clay School, 6503 Solita Drive, Adam McLane, Project Lead

What to Bring:

Rakes, shovels and garden gloves. A couple additional wheelbarrows would certainly help move in the compost/mulch and we could use another trimmer.