Event: Free Self Defense Workshop for Rolando Residents!

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Date: Saturday, February 22, 2014

Time: 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Location: Kwai Sun Studios


Address: 5620 Lake Murray Boulevard
La Mesa, CA

Description: Kwai Sun Studios, who performed a demonstration of self defense techniques at the January 21st RCC meeting in recognition of Stalking Awareness Month, is offering a free workshop to community members. This hands-on workshop will teach some basic techniques that can be used for self defense and will be led by Ka’imi Kuoha, seventh degree black belt.

The workshop is open to men and women ages 12 and up. It will take place Saturday February 22nd from 1-3 PM at Kwai Sun Studios, 5620 Lake Murray Boulevard, La Mesa (next door to Outback Steakhouse). The class will be capped at 20 participants. (If there is sufficient interest, a separate class with format for under 12 years of age may be added.)

Please RSVP to Denise Armijo at or on NextDoor Rolando. Attire for the class should be comfortable clothing such as sweatpants and T-shirt that allow movement.

Benefits of learning self defense include knowing which techniques or degrees of application are appropriate for different situations, such as subduing a friend who is out of control versus incapacitating a serious attacker. (Creating an opening to get away from the situation should always be first choice.) It also teaches self discipline and control in tense situations, which can be particularly helpful for school age kids. Classes also teach how to fall and roll properly to avoid injury. (The studio has a padded floor for comfort.)

Self defense can be learned at any age and can be modified to your abilities. (In case you missed the demo, participants ranged in age from 7 years old to 84.) It’s never too late to learn!